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Fire Extinguishers Servicing in London

At Anchor Fire, we specialise in comprehensive fire extinguisher servicing in London. Ensuring your fire extinguishers are in optimal working condition is crucial for the safety of your property and personnel. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing top-notch servicing to keep your fire safety equipment up to date and functional.

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Fire Extinguisher Servicing:
How Often?

Regular maintenance is essential for fire extinguisher effectiveness. But how often should you service your fire extinguishers? According to industry standards, fire extinguishers should be serviced at least once a year. This annual inspection ensures that your equipment is ready to operate efficiently in case of an emergency.

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Fire Extinguisher Servicing Near Me

If you’re searching for reliable fire extinguisher servicing near me, look no further. Anchor Fire offers convenient and professional servicing across London. Our technicians are fully trained and certified to handle all types of fire extinguishers, providing peace of mind for your safety needs.

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What Are Fire Extinguishers
Used For?

Fire extinguishers are used to tackle various types of fires in their early stages. Properly maintained extinguishers can prevent small fires from escalating into more significant hazards, protecting lives and property.

Fire Extinguisher
Installation in London

At Anchor Fire, we pride ourselves on offering extensive fire extinguisher installation services throughout London. Correct installation and regular maintenance of fire extinguishers are essential for ensuring safety and adherence to fire safety regulations.

Comprehensive Fire Extinguisher Services

Professional Installation

Our skilled engineers at Anchor Fire thoroughly assess your premises to determine the optimal locations for fire extinguisher placement. This involves analyzing specific fire risks in different areas and ensuring that extinguishers are readily accessible in an emergency. We install various types of extinguishers, including water, foam, CO2, dry powder, and wet chemical, to suit the unique requirements of your environment.

Compliance and British Standards

All fire extinguisher installations are performed in accordance with British Standards (BS 5306-3:2017) and are executed by BAFE-accredited professionals. This guarantees that your fire safety equipment meets legal standards and is fully operational when needed.

Maintenance and Servicing Fire Extinguishers

Regular maintenance is crucial to keep fire extinguishers functional. Anchor Fire provides annual servicing, refilling, pressure testing, and replacements to ensure your extinguishers are always ready for use after we install the fire extinguishers. 

Gas Suppression Systems

For environments where traditional water-based extinguishers might cause damage, such as data centers and electrical rooms, we offer gas suppression systems. These systems use inert gases or chemical agents to suppress fires without harming sensitive equipment.

Why Choose Anchor Fire?

  • Expertise and Experience: Our team has extensive experience in fire safety, offering reliable and tailored services.

  • Comprehensive Services: We provide complete solutions from installation to maintenance of fire safety equipment.

  • Regulatory Compliance: All services comply with current fire safety regulations, ensuring your peace of mind.

  • Customer Support: We offer ongoing support and emergency call-out services to keep your fire safety systems in top condition.

Ensure your property is equipped with the best fire safety solutions in London. Contact Anchor Fire today to schedule your fire extinguisher installation or learn more about integrating your fire safety systems. Your safety is our priority.

Integrating Fire Extinguishers
with Fire Alarm Systems

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One of our advanced services is the integration of fire extinguishers with your fire alarm system. This synchronization allows your fire extinguishers to operate automatically when a fire is detected, providing a rapid response to fire emergencies. By adding fire extinguishers to your fire alarm system, you can significantly enhance your overall fire protection strategy.

Benefits of Fire Extinguishers from Anchor Fire

  • Immediate Response: Automated fire extinguishers can activate instantly upon detecting a fire, reducing the response time and minimizing fire damage.

  • Enhanced Safety: This system reduces the need for manual intervention, protecting individuals from the dangers of getting too close to the fire.

  • Comprehensive Coverage: When integrated with your fire alarm system, fire extinguishers can be strategically placed to cover high-risk areas, ensuring maximum effectiveness.

  • Reduced Property Damage: Early detection and automatic response help contain and extinguish fires quickly, minimizing damage to property and assets.

How It Works

Our expert technicians will assess your premises to determine the optimal placement and type of fire extinguishers required. We then integrate these extinguishers with your existing fire alarm system or install a new, state-of-the-art system if needed. When the fire alarm detects smoke or heat, it sends a signal to the connected fire extinguishers, triggering them to discharge and combat the fire immediately.

Custom Solutions

Every property has unique fire safety needs, and we tailor our solutions to meet those specific requirements. Whether you need a comprehensive fire alarm system installation or just want to enhance your current setup with automated fire extinguishers, Anchor Fire is here to provide reliable and efficient solutions.

Extinguisher Types
and Their Uses

Understanding extinguisher types is crucial for effective fire safety. Different fires require different extinguishers, and using the wrong one can be dangerous. Here’s a brief overview of the main types:

Types of Extinguishers

  • Water Extinguishers: Suitable for Class A fires involving wood, paper, and fabric.

  • Foam Extinguishers: Effective on Class A and B fires, including flammable liquids.

  • Dry Powder Extinguishers: Versatile for Class A, B, and C fires but not ideal for enclosed spaces.

  • Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Extinguishers: Best for electrical fires and Class B fires.

  • Wet Chemical Extinguishers: Specifically designed for Class F fires involving cooking oils and fats.

What Fire Extinguisher Is Used for Wood, Paper, and Fabric?

For fires involving wood, paper, and fabric, a Type A extinguisher is the most suitable. These extinguishers are effective at putting out fires involving common combustibles and are a staple in many safety plans.

Ensure your fire safety equipment is always ready for action with our expert fire extinguisher servicing in London. Contact Anchor Fire today to schedule your service and keep your property protected.

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