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Fire Alarms in London and Home Counties

A back view of electrician installing fire alarm system

Fire detection and alarm system is mandatory requirement for all commercial and domestic buildings. Only fully operational and compliant methods of fire detection and alarm can ensure safety for occupants of the building.

Deficiency in fire safety management can lead to array of penalties. On the other hand, a compliant fire safety equipment will ensure significant savings on insurance premiums.

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Fire alarm maintenance is the process of regularly inspecting, testing, and repairing fire alarm systems to ensure that they are functioning properly and are compliant with all applicable codes and standards. We are working on every fire safety system currently used in the UK, both open and closed protocol systems. Our qualified maintenance engineer will visit your site for fire alarm audits and service. We also will be committed to response all your emergency call outs - no matter if by day or night.

Anchor Fire System Design Icon

We understand the importance of  exhaustive knowledge of all fire protection standards relevant to the project and we know how robust communication plays vital role in every project. Being commercially minded, we can guarantee your project will be delivered by deadline and within budget. All this evidently meeting all current regulations.

Anchor Fire Alarm Installation

We're experts in all the fire safety systems used in the UK, from simple to complex. Our team of fire alarm installers do it literally every day and you can be rest assured their experience will keep your premises safe from fire and false alarms. Unlike our competitors, we elevate the installation process by assigning a fire alarm commissioning engineer to every project, guaranteeing impeccable execution and correspond of each part of the system.

Anchor Fire Alarm Commissioning Icon

Fire alarm commissioning refers to the process of configuring a fire alarm system to operate according to a specific set of parameters and instructions. This involves assigning addresses to individual devices, establishing cause-and-effect relationships between devices, and configuring alarm notification protocols. We will ensure that your system responds appropriately to various fire scenarios, providing quick detection and alarm activation.

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