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Fire Alarm Commissioning

We are experts in fire alarm panels commissioning. Whether it is a small standalone panel, or the network of a hundreds of panels, we can program it all. Our commissioning engineers are always happy to work alongside different parties towards one goal. Your fire alarm system will be commissioned exactly as per specifications and design, compliant with BS5839-1

Fire alarm commissioning plays a critical role in ensuring the effectiveness and reliability of fire alarm systems. It allows for customisation of the system to meet specific building requirements, optimise fire detection and alarm response, and enhance overall fire safety. Regular system programming updates and maintenance are essential to ensure that the system remains up-to-date with the latest fire safety standards and technologies.

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Our goal is that your fire alarm system is commissioned on time and as per your project specifications. We are always adaptable and willing to go extra mile to always meet your needs. We are easy to reach and keen to offer you a hand.  Whether it is just a simple advise or resolving a complicated problem you may have on your fire alarm system feel free to contact us today.

Best of
London Fire alarms
Commissioning Engineers

Having a skilled commissioning engineer is crucial for integrating all components of a fire alarm system seamlessly, ensuring compliance with British standards for fire alarm systems, such as the Regulatory Fire Safety Order 2005. Each component plays a vital role in ensuring the safety and security of occupants in the event of a fire emergency. Anchor Fire, a leading company in London, boasts the best programming engineers who excel in the installation and commissioning of fire alarm systems for businesses.

Engineering is checking the fire extingu
Installing fire extinguishers involves careful placement and adherence to regulatory standards, in line with the British standards for fire alarm systems. Our installation team ensures that extinguishers are strategically located throughout the building, easily accessible in case of a fire emergency. Commissioning includes verifying the functionality of each extinguisher and providing training on proper usage and maintenance to building occupants. Additionally, our team conducts regular fire alarm maintenance inspections to uphold fire safety standards.

Automatic Opening Ventilation (AOV) windows are critical for smoke ventilation in the event of a fire, aligning with fire safety regulations. During installation, our team integrates AOV windows into the building structure, ensuring proper sealing and operation. Commissioning involves testing the AOV system's responsiveness to fire alarms and programming it to open efficiently for smoke extraction, maintaining compliance with British standards for fire alarm systems.

Nurse Call Systems:
Nurse call systems are essential for communication during medical emergencies and contribute to overall fire safety measures. Our installation process involves the careful placement of call stations and pull cords to facilitate quick and efficient response, meeting the requirements of British standards for fire alarm systems. Commissioning includes testing the system's functionality and programming emergency protocols for seamless communication between patients and healthcare staff. Additionally, our team integrates nurse call systems into the broader fire alarm system for businesses, ensuring comprehensive fire safety coverage.

Disabled Refuge System:
Installing a disabled refuge system requires meticulous planning to ensure accessibility and safety for individuals with disabilities, in accordance with fire safety regulations. Our engineers identify suitable refuge areas and install communication devices and emergency lighting for clear communication and guidance during evacuations. Commissioning involves testing communication devices and programming the system to meet accessibility regulations and emergency response protocols. Furthermore, our team conducts regular fire alarm maintenance inspections to uphold fire safety standards and ensure the reliability of disabled refuge systems.

Access Control:
Access control systems play a critical role in securing the building and controlling entry and exit points, contributing to overall fire safety measures. Our installation team integrates access control hardware and software into the building infrastructure, ensuring compliance with British standards for fire alarm systems. Commissioning includes programming access permissions, user profiles, and alarm responses to align with security policies and emergency procedures. Additionally, our team conducts regular fire alarm maintenance inspections to uphold fire safety standards and ensure the effectiveness of access control systems.
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What does a process of fire alarm
commissioning looks like?

1. System Configuration:

  • Defining the system layout, including the number of zones, devices, and their locations.

  • Assigning unique addresses to each device, such as detectors, manual call points, and audible/visual indicators.

  • Configuring device types, sensitivity levels, and response characteristics.

2. Cause-and-Effect:

  • Establishing cause-and-effect relationships between devices to define the system's behaviour in response to alarms.

  • Programming alarm activation patterns, such as staged alarms, fire zone isolation, and total evacuation scenarios.

  • Configuring control panel functions, such as event logging, alarm silencing, and system reset procedures.

3. Notification Protocols:

  • Setting up notification protocols for fire alarms, including audible and visual indicators, voice messages, and SMS alerts.

  • Integrating with third-party systems, such as fire monitoring services, emergency response teams, and building management systems.

  • Configuring alarm priority levels and escalation procedures for critical events.

3. Fire Alarm Testing:

  • Once commissioned, the system will be thoroughly tested.

  • We will share our expertise with you in logical and consistent terms.

  • Empowered by this knowledge, you will be able to take your fire safety procedures to another level.  

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