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TFL Bus Garage Fire Alarm

Installation and commissioning new fire alarm system to upgrade system’s category and fulfil requirements of fire risk assessment.

The existing fire alarm system in this bus garage in East London have been deemed insufficient by fire risk assessment. The age of the fire alarm panel, as well as the poor quality have forced the client to request for the new fire alarm system to be installed from the scratch.

We have designed the new fire alarm system to L1 category, as per fire strategy requirements.

Client have requested that a high number of optical beams will be installed throughout all high level areas. We have suggested less expensive and equally compliant solution of installing aspirating system instead. This simple change saved thousands in installation and servicing costs.


We have met all O&M requisites. Our commissioning engineer stayed behind on site, to make sure all client’s staff have received their training on the new fire alarm system.

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Fire Alarm Panels


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